Power brake

If you need boosted amp and not so loud voice, you can use this power brake / attenuation.

Atttenuation : 75% a 91%.
If your amplifier has output to external cabinet, then attenuation could by also 50%.
Attenuator is connected between amplifier and cabinet.
You can use it up to 100 Watts
Created in 2, 4, 8 a 16ohm versions.

Dimensions :

  • width : 10 cm,  height : 5 cm depth:-15 cm weight: 0,7kg

  Attenuation, power brake for amplifier  

Load Box

Device is dedicated to home practising and also recording. Load box allows you to connect phones to an amplifier with specific impedance. Volume of phones could be configured in four levels. The level of presence can be modyfie by three status switch. Load box also allows to connect amplifier to PC (or mixer) by integrated DI box. Output is done by XLR connector and its output can be modifyied by potenciometer. It ia also possible to made integrated power brake with 91% attenuation.

Versions : 

  •  2, 4, 8 a 16 ohm for power 50 and 100W


  • width -10 cm  height - 5 cm depth – 15 cm 
  • weight - 0,7kg

  LoadBox LoadBox