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New sound smples od Soloist amp

Soloist head :Wah, Solo, Back 7 string, Back

New sound samples from Arjen

Arjen Lucassen sent us some new audio sample from host signed amplifier AYREON 2011 – check them here.

New effects (reverbs) and facebook profile.

You’re welcome at at new facebook profile! Check also the section effects, with new effects from our production. Here you can see Arjen in his studio by creating new songs.

New Album of The Cell band completely recorded on Hotamps

Here, you can hear some samples from new CD “„Keepin´On, Rollin´Hard“ of “The Cell” Band, which is completely recorded by Hot amps amplifiers. Guitars are recorded by modela StormyBlues, RockHearth, Brownie  and bass guitars used Basstard 1102. more info at

Signature HOT amp : Arjen Anthony Lucassen

HOT Amps proudly presents signature all tube guitar amplifier of worldwide renowned prog rock artist and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen. More details in SIGNATURE AMPS


Fender Stratocaster 1972 / Vintage Guitar / Hot Amp The Fifteen / Vintage&RareTV

Fender Stratocaster 1966 / Vintage Guitar / Hot Amp The Fifteen / Vintage&RareTV

Greco EGF-1000 Super Real / Hot Amp The Fifteen / Vintage&RareTV


 … thanks to Henrik Berger and …

New bass head

Let’s introduce new bass amp 1204-OS. Full tube power 200W, one channel …
More details in bass amp section.


New sound samples of The Thirty

Check our sounclicks with Thirty head – Les Paul drive channel, Les Paul, Stratocaster, Telecaster

Sound samples of Croaking Macho

We prepared for you several sound samples of harmonica’s croaking Macho.
  Soundclick 1, Soundclick 2, Soundclick 3, Soundclick 4, Soundclick 5, Soundclick 6

New sounclips of bass amplifier

Just now you can check some sound samples of Basstard 1102 : Soundclip 1, Soundclip 2, Soundclip 3, Soundclip 4

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