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New sound samples from Finest

Hot in studio (2)

New samples of Bassguy head with Tone Tubby

We added some new sound samples of mini head amplifier Bassguy, which are recorded with different guitars and different styles.

Greeting from David Michael Boyd

Here is a song called “Spare Change” by me…
It uses the guitar straight into the Bassguy, no other effect pedals. In the mix a little delay, EQ and compression added. I used the Strat for rhythem and the Les Paul Standard for lead. Just a drum loop and I played my Ibanez Roadstar bass. Vocals and guitars recorded with an AKG C414 into Pro Tools LE hope you like it! You can share this with any club that might want to hear this music.

Amplifier gig bags, amp covers

Now, you can order also waterproof amp covers for our heads, combos and cabinets. There are available two versions : “heavy” and “soft”. Heavy version is intended for amp heads … but we can made it also for cabinets.

Amp covers

Amp covers

English version has been started

We just started also english version of this site !

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