We use speakers exactly according to customer’s request. Usually we use Celestion, Jensen, Tone Tubby speakers

GB 412 

This cabinet has little bigger cubage (compared to classical 4×12 cabinets) and it is cafefully tuned for concrete tone with massive basses and solid middles…
It isreally consistent and stable.
Dimensions : height- 75cm   width-75cm  depth-36cm


Reduced version of 4×12 cabinet.
Cabinet with concrete tone and  solid middles
Dimensions : height-75cm   width-58cm  depth-35cm


Guitar cabinet with “bass reflex” oriented to front…
Voice  is something between open and closed cabinet
Dimensions : height- 41cm  width-55cm  depth-32cm


“Big brother” of  GB112. Designed for tones with bigger distortion. Ideal in combination with EVM speaker.


Opened guitar cabinet. It isn destined for usage as additional cabinet for cobo Brownie or Finest
Suitable also for mini-heads, if you want to get “voice of combo”.
Dimensions : width-49cm height-42cm depth-30cm


Opened guitar cabinet for 10″ speaker. Its construction is designed to be additional box for Bassguy combos. Very good also for our mini heads.
width-41cm height-34cm depth-25cm  


Opened box with two 12″ speakers
width-66cm height-50cm depth-30cm