HOT Amps proudly presents signature all tube guitar amplifier of worldwide renowned prog rock artist and composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen. Arjen Anthony Lucassen – well known prog rock guitarist and composer best known for his Ayreon and Star One projects as well as for his collaboration with other well known artists as James LaBrie, Jorn Lande, Mikael Akerfeldt, Bruce Dickinson, Dan Swano, Devin Townsend, Russell Allen, Timo Kotipelto and many others.

Arjen is also known as one of the most demanding musicians in terms of the final sound of his records who always choose his music gear based solely on the criterion of best possible sound and tone. Arjen had always been combining several guitar gears (different pre-amplifiers and amplifiers) in order to get that right tone he demands.

Our aim was to develop an ultimate guitar amplifier which would be sole and absolute solution allowing Arjen to get perfect tone, attack and wide sound variability with one only amplifier and thus get rid of all excessive stuff in his studio. We at HOT amps have been planning building and optimizing new guitar amp signature model for one and half year… and finally we succeed and the Universal tone machine HOT Ayreon 2011 finally arrived to Arjen’s sound galaxy!

We are very happy and proud that Arjen Lucassen already used his new signature guitar amp on his new upcoming solo album called Lost in the New Real (to be released on 23 April in Europe and 8 May in USA).

“I’ve got many guitar amps, but all of them are missing something – either bottom, top, attack or midrange. I end up having to combine several amps to get the sound I want. But Hot amps have made this Ayreon 2011 amp especially to my personal specifications and it has it all…finally I don’t have to switch amps all the time anymore!”
- Arjen Anthony Lucassen -


Signature all tube guitar amplifier of Arjen Anthony Lucassen

  • Three channel guitar amp head with serio-parallel effects loop…
  • Fully hand-built and hand-wired (point-to-point technology)
  • Clean channel offering tone from bright warm to light crunch
  • Two overdriven channels Modern and Vintage with separate Gain and Volume controls
  • Serio-parallel tube driven effects loop with two controls – SEND LEVEL and MIX
  • Master section features PRESENCE and MASTER VOLUME controls
  • We offer two power switch models – 50W classA / 100W classAB or 25W classA / 50W classAB


  • Preamp& loop– 5xECC83(12AX7)
  • Poweramp – 1xECC83(12AX7), 4xEL34 (100W) or 2xEL34 (50/25W model)
  • Rectifier – GZ34


  • Clean channel – Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume + ‘Bright’ switch
  •  Overdrive/Lead channel – Each channel has its own Gain and Volume (Gain1, Gain 2, Volume 1, Volume2, Bass, Middle, Treble, Sweep*)
  • *Sweep – our patented passive control; it’s a parameter of middle range frequencies.
  • Sweep control continuously shifts tone from broadly described as going from”British” to “American” character.
  •  Master Section Controls – controls common for all channels:
    • Master Volume Presence – boosts the treble frequency range. By increasing the presence the sounds of instruments seem more “present” Inputs Hi Low


  •  Power 50W classA / 100W classAB or 25W classA / 50W classAB
  •  Speaker cabinet outputs for 4, 8 or 16ohm speakers or their combination


  • Lenght-56cm, High-26cm, Width-24cm
  • Weight: 22kg For purchase and more information please visit our HOT Amps Custom Shop

Sound samples :