Vaclav Vesely

Two channel amplifier with possibility to swith to external imput, with parallel effect loop and stereo power amp. This aplifier was builted in old chasis of Fender Bassman amp. There was modification of rear panel and also new cover.
Equipped with 5xECC83/12AX7, 2xECC81/12AT7 a 4x6L6GC

HOT : custom made amplifier    HOT : custom made amplifier

Miso Kovalcik – Golden Age

This amp was created for Miso’s 40th birtday. It is three channel amp with solo volume and parallel effect loop. Names of all friends, who gave this present, are burned to front panel.
Equipped with 6xECC83/12AX7, 1xECC81, 2x6L6GC a 1xGZ34/5AR4

HOT : custom, valve guitar head

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Pavel Fort – Gentleman

Pavel requested amp with low power, but full equipment. His model has 15 watts, EL84, two channels with possibility to switch modes by footswitch. There is also parallel effect loop, Accutronics tube reverb and solo volume. Kombo is equipped with Celestion G12 Herintage and tubes 6xECC83/12AX7, 2xEL84 a 1xGZ34/5AR4

HOT guitar combo : gentleman

Karel Sterba – Kajinek

Mini-head fo my friend’s birthday …
Equipped with  1xECC83/12AX7, 1xEL34 a 1xEZ81

HOT: mini amp head

True bypass

True bypass box     True bypass box